Friday, June 18, 2010

Wow! It has been a super long time since I last updated! So much has been going this post is going to be an update on our lives!
a. Chloe graduated from preschool. I need to get the pictures from my moms camera so that I can post some! She wore a real cap and gown and sang songs along with signing the words. She said she wanted to be a nurse when she grows up! I have never heard her say that! So mom...please e-mail me some pics!
b. I had the privilage to take Binghams Dance Studio's recital pictures. This was a huge job! It took three full nights of taking pictures and a couple weeks of editing. I handed them over to the studio owner yesterday and felt so proud! 102 orders...done!!! Now I get to treat myself to a night of Barnes and Nobles and a book I have been wanting to read for a long time!!
c. School ended!! We love summer around here! I can't wait for the day that I am a stay at home mom. I love teaching, but love being home more than that! It is so fun to wake up with my girls...not to mention getting to finish laundry, clean my house, and cook dinner...all without feeling rushed or stressed!!
d. speaking of summer...we just got home from a fantastic trip to Great Wolf Lodge and New Braunfels! I do have pictures of my next going to be of our vacation!!
e. swimming, swimming, and more swimming!!
f. As i sit here and right this, I am feeling baby number three move inside my belly! We found out on June 4th that we are having a...BOY! I will post a sono picture of his sweet face soon...he is going to be a handsome little guy! If he is anything like his daddy...there is someone amazing growing in my belly right now!
It has been so fun looking at boy things...such a new world for me!

thats about all...I am taking photos this summer! Pass my name along please and visit my new blog!

see ya soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some chloe-isms

So, it has been a while. I have tons to post on, including the fact that Chloe graduated from preschool. I think that I have been subconsiously putting that one off because I would then have to actually admit to the fact that she is a kindergartener. I need to get the graduation pics on my computer before I post them, so how about a few cute Chloe-isms!

Chloe (whispering during church): "Mommy (holding her neck), my neck is cranky"

Chloe: (while watching So you Think you Can Dance): "AAA...he's dancing without a shirt embarrasing!!"

Chloe: (while overhearing a conversation between curt and I about Chloe learning to read) "Hey, I saw a commercial about learning to read early and you have to hear the word AND see the word"...she was so serious!

Chloe: (everynight before she goes to bed): "Daddy, can you show me the radar"
Curt: why chloe?
Chloe: "so I can know if it is going to rain"
Curt: (showing her the radar): "See Chloe its not going to rain tonight, but there is a chance tomorrow"
Chloe: "is it the kind of rain that makes you have to get away from windows?"
Curt: "no chloe...just rain"

Chloe (talking to people we can't see): "That's it are extended and you need to go to the office for intention"...

Chloe (after my mom took Trinity home from church because she fell and bumped her head pretty good and busted her lip): "Aww Momma, Trinity looked so pretty, and had to go home"....

Me: Chloe what do you think the baby is, a boy or a girl?
Chloe: "its a boy"
Me: "Well, it may be a girl, how do you know its a boy"
Chloe: "Because I prayed for a brother"...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trinity does the laundry!

A few notes on the video:
1. I do not make her do this, she enjoys it!
2. I posted this video so that someday when she says "I do all the laundry around here"...we can show her that she once loved to do laundry!
3. I realize that my laundry room is a scary place!...why do you think I don't go in there? ha!
4. If you saw underwear in the laundry room...I apologize
5. I would not let Chloe in the video because she was running around the house in her panties!
6. I know I sound dorky on video...
7. The "thing" on the floor by the laundry room is not a is a doll...i say this because it scared me!
8. Yes, Trinity is wearing a winter dress in the middle of May...its freakishly cold outstide!
9. How cute is she????

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

looking back...

This is Trinity a year ago. Look how peaceful she is! Seems like these days, this is what I dream of doing! Its crazy looking back at pictures from last May. She was so tiny. In my May 2009 album there are pictures of her trying new foods, sleeping in a bouncer, laying on the floor, and getting in the pool for the first time! It has been a precious year. I look back at those pictures and I look at where she is now. She is an amazing person. She follows directions really well and doesn't like getting in trouble. She responds to the word No quickly! She will pick up toys all day! When we say "clean up" she immediately begins to throw everything in sight into the basket...come to think of it, I bet this is why we are missing so many pacifiers around here! We taught her where the laundry room is so now she will pick up random clothes and take them to the laundry room and throw them on the floor! The other night Curt had a clean basket of whites in the living room and he was putting clothes into the dryer...while he was doing that, she was emptying the clean clothes basket and taking it back to the laundry room! Such a funny girl! She (usually) touches her nose when we ask her where her nose is...she gives kisses...she loves hugs...she says "uh uh" instead of "uh oh"...she throws all her food on the floor when she is done eating, which is fine when our dog is around...but embarrassing at other places! She is a sweet soul and I love her so much!

So Trinity puts clothes in the laundry room because that is fun....and when Chloe is asked to take her clothes to the laundry room she usually says "I have to to ALL the laundry around here!".....
I guess thats the difference between a 5yo and a 1year old!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day Tea!

She showed me a small bouquet of flowers that she made me. The flowers are actually pens and she told me that she wanted me to keep them on my desk at work! I will be proud to display them on my desk! Then she handed me another present!

She made me a candle! It is the most beautiful candle I have ever seen! She used a baby food jar, layered colored sand in the bottom, then added a layer of wax and a wick to the top. I can't tell you how proud of this candle she is...and I am even more proud than that!

After we opened our presents, we said a prayer. Chloe put her head in my lap and said her prayer. I love her.
She went and got me a glass of lemonade, then we lined up to get our treats. The entire class helped make the blueberry muffins and iced sugar cookies. They were both very delicious! There was also a fruit tray!

I had so much fun with Chloe. I love to see how proud she is of her work, her school, and her mommy! I felt very special!

On a quick side note...I have a small letter to my Trinity-
Dear sweet Trinity...
Don't eat dirt's yucky!
Love, your mommy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do you believe in Miracles?

We do! We are so excited about the growth of our little family. I am 11 weeks along and could not be more happy. We find out on June 4th if we need to keep the nursery pink or paint it blue!
We thank God for this precious blessing!